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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A love triangle.

* Ahem! I edited my post to change the names of my students. This story just wouldn't sound right with Acronyms instead of real names. But since I am not suppossed to publish real names, I changed them!

So, it was Friday, the 12th of February. Last working day of the week. Valentines day was going to fall on the coming Sunday and all our class activities were centered around a 'Valentines' theme. I teach 7 year olds. I thought it was going to be an easy day. But no!!

It all began with one of the boys saying "I HATE Valentines Day!" ...oh oh... "I LOOOOOOOVE Christmas but I so very much Hate Valentines Day"
"Because all the girls say love love and kiss kiss and all that nonsense"
Ha ha... I laugh to myself. He has an older sister in High School. Maybe that's why he's so bothered about it. So we continue.... I am teaching them an "I love you" song that they can sing to their moms and after this, they will make heart shaped cards with a message in English to their parents.


Trudy, my little 7 year old Swedish girl announces to the class - "You know who I love?"
Silence. The busy pencils stop scratching. All eyes and ears tune in to Lil miss Trudy.

I don't know whether I should stop her right there or if I should let her continue.
My curiosity gets the better of me.

"Daniel Caboon" she says. "In 2 C. He's my lover!"
Everyone has a surprised smile on their face.

All except for Brenda-my little 7 year old French girl. She lets out a loud gasp.

"AH! NO! HE'S MY LOVE" Says Brenda, standing up, her hands on her hips,
The battle went on as stunned classmates and teacher watched on. Suddenly Jose, my quiet, laid back little 7year old Mexican boy stands up between the two and says:

"Ok, Ok.... Now stop. Do 'Rock Paper Scissors'.
The one who wins gets Daniel!."

I burst out laughing. They think I'm mad to be laughing when something so serious is happening. Somehow I manage to divert their attention to the task at hand. The class continues. Silent cold glares pass between Trudy and Brenda as they make and decorate their Valentines.

I manage to hold on to my composure till its time to go down for recess. And then I rush into the staff lounge to share the story with my colleagues!

How I wish life's decisions could be made as easily as in second grade!


  1. I laughed my head off at this one! then read it out to Serenity and watched him laugh his head off (in his quiet and subtle way!!)
    Your kids sure are a laugh riot!
    Some of them sound like sure contenders on 'Kids say the darndest things'!!

  2. Loved this post!:)) It's SO SO cute!:)

  3. hahaha
    rock paper scissors should be used to win wars

  4. I love stories like this! It does remind you about the careful ease of childhood.

    But I have to admit, from time to time, Greg and I do the RPS on different things. It's fun!