So far, by God's grace

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Gift in the Night

This morning, my students were doing an activity where they were busy making a book titled "When I grow up and become an adult"

One of the girls said she wanted to grow up and have a baby. Now I have one little boy who is a copycat and he copied that in his writing.

I told him " MJ, you can become a Dad, but you cant have a baby because boys dont have babies" .

Immediately my JH, (he's my favorite. I know. I cant help it) pipes in.
"Yeah, only moms can have babies. And its soooo painful. Miss Deepa, you have a baby, was it painful? "
yes, JH, it was.

"It was sooooo hurting?"
Hmmm.... Yes, but I was happy.
You know, my mother too so so painfully hurting. And my brother is such a fat boy!
(me: chuckle)

After a while he says..."
Ms.Deepa, you have a baby right, you think she is a gift? you think she is a gift from God?"
Yes JH. I think so. I believe with all my heart that my baby is a gift from God .
"Then how did he give it?
Uh oh!But before I could think of a way to evade the topic, he says
"Did God put the baby in your stomach?"
"Did he put it in the night when you were sleeping?"
Yes, JH. You're right. It was something like that.

I love my job. I love my kids. They make me happy. Can't you tell??

Here is a picture of my lil milk drunkard!


  1. awww!!:))she is adorable.
    And..i love your job! How do i get one?*grin*

  2. @Trendsetters: Thanks!

    @primitive: Thanks!! You could have my jopb too, you know! Just relocate to Chennai! I'd love to meet you and Adiv in person!

  3. @Trendsetters: Thanks!

    @primitive: Thanks!! You could have my jopb too, you know! Just relocate to Chennai! I'd love to meet you and Adiv in person!

  4. I'll definitely get in touch abt the job if i relocate. For the moment, I am in Chennai. Been here since Jan coz Rohit is in the US for 2 months. He returns this 18th. So we'll head back then!:)

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  6. Cute conversation and creativity of children! Ok, that's the first time I've read "milk drunkard" with a baby - LOL. ADORABLE!

  7. So cute!! And that picture is priceless... I love that you give God glory in your class!


  8. LOVE the picture~!!
    nd loling at d story hahahhahha..!!

  9. Lady..pls post more stuff with your kids..after a long time, i went thru it and latest blogs made my day!!!!

  10. Love the story...and the picture! Just came here from Kindred Spirits' Party. You made me smile early on a Saturday morning..not an easy task!