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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Amma Elephant!

Thank you dear friends for your encouraging emails and comments in response to my previous post.

Now for a few laughs.

My little chakakuru is one year and one month old now. Yes she is! I'm not lying. Time flies faster than a fruit fly!! LOL (ok. Im now officially a 'mommy joke'-er)

So now my lil L5 has started babbling a few words here and there. She comprehends way more than we give her credit and loves imitating noises. She loves being read to. And I'm so thrilled about that. So yesterday, I was reading her this book that had Mommy and baby animals as characters. Since we speak to her in Malayalam, I replaced the names Mommy & Baby elephant in the story to "Amma Aana" & "Baby Aana" , dogs to "Amma bowbow & Baby bowbow" and so on. Now she knows what most of these animals are. She identifies 'bowbows' on the street and calls out to them; identifies cows, goats, rabbits, ducks, frogs, crows etc.

So when I asked he "Where's baby Aana?" she pointed to the right picture. But to "Where's Amma Aana?" She pointed to me!! Where's "Amma bow bow?"!!!, Amma Hippo? Me! Amma Snake? -the right one. Amma chicken? Me!!! Amma turtle? right answer!

Now what am I suppossed to make of this?? I know I've gained some weight after pregnancy, but my daughter thinks I resemble an Elephant and a hippo!!! And do the prancing and dancing I do for her remind her of dogs and chickens??


Gotta leave you with this picture of her. It all happened in a split second. We were at the beach. I turned my back on her for a few seconds.

Well, but this is still better than the time we went to a bookstore and she pulled out a magazine from the rack and tore its cover!!! I had to buy a silly fashion magaine with nothing but pictures of various celebreties in their designer clothes for a hundred rupees!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaah!!!!


  1. lets not forget weirdly / scantily dressed women... well at least you have a design for your end of year gathering outfit.

  2. eh you fruit fly joke copier!! :P
    when do we see you next?

  3. Hellow there...first time on ur the way you write and ur lil one looks adorable...

  4. aah well! i know as much as you do the problems of not losing that prenancy weight, even four years down the line.

    and she looks so cute with half the beach in her mouth!

  5. nice one...i was reading this blog with Ethan on my lap and when Nanma's picture scrolled down Ethan who was quiet all this while started oooing and making sounds pointing at her picture...what meaning do you make of this... :-)...Deepa, Nanma is getting more beautiful as the days go by....

  6. @Amri: What end of year gathering?? Sidey school is so kanjoose!

    @Dangerous mind: Oye! Its not your original joke ok?? Plus, mine is slightly different! LOL

    @Open Book: Thanks for stopping by. I went to your blog too. Nice!

    @Sucharita: Long time no see! So shall I give away my pre-pregnancy clothes that Ive been holding onto??

    @Esther: Nathan, way to go lil boy!!! You are one of the cutest patutest baby boys Ive seen in a long time! And Tell your Mommy that she can read the right meaning into your response. Ask her to keep showing you pictures of Nanma even as you grow up!

  7. After reading your posts, I can see
    the love you have for your family,
    and your God...

    Makes me doubt you are a scatterbrain.

    If you are, you are apparently a happy one...

  8. My goodness, she's adorable!

    My daughter went through a month or two when she called everything "Mama." I was the wall, the light, the food, the cat... she figured it out eventually. ;)

  9. Firstly that's an angle you've got there. It's clicks like these (enjoying the beach sand) that will bring on the smiles years later.
    The Amma Aana story I can so relate to. My little one, every time he sees our wedding photo (when I was at my slimmest best) breaks into a big smile and says "Abba" (that's wat he calls his dad) and looks at the girl in the pic and says 'chechi'. It shatters me but can't quite blame him when his image of mommy is a rounded figure with a cushioned-effect.