So far, by God's grace

Monday, July 26, 2010

Just one thing!

I've said earlier this blog that I have got everything I really wished for, and I'm saying it again. All through life, I wanted these 3 things more than anything else.

  1. I wanted to be married to an awesome man who shares my faith, sings, plays the guitar and owns a big bike. I got him!! The only thing here is that his beautiful, big, vintage motorbike is lying unused at his parents home now that we own a car!
  2. I wanted to be a teacher. I am! I love my calling and I think my job rocks!
  3. I wanted to be a mother , and to a baby girl if possible. I am!! She's cute, she's cuddly, she's a bundle of laughs and I fear I'll jut gobble her up one day!
So what more could I want, eh? Well, there's one more thing I want. I want it so very badly, it hurts every time I think of it...(in a nice, longing for a cold icecream on a hot day kind of way

And this is what I want.

I want one day

O. N. E D. A. Y

24 hours

One day, where i can get away from the man I love with all my heart and for whom I waited and prayed all my life!

One day away from the baby I birthed and love more than I ever imagined possible by me!

One day away from my students,

One day away from my home,

One day away from my friends and anyone I know!

Just One Day, where I dont have to be responsible for anyone or anything.

I'd like to go away, maybe check into a hotel, get room service, lie in a tub lined with scented candles, wear a towelling robe all day, not answer my phone, get a massage, a new haircut, read at my own pace, fall asleep reading and then wake up and read without worrying about what to do next, swim in a pool, drink a ton of freshly squeezed lime or orange juice, not brush my teeth.....................and not think about whats happening at home.

Just one day.

And I'll remember it for the rest of my life!


  1. Can you read minds? It's just what I've been wanting. But am a little too ambitious here, coz I seek ONE WEEKEND all to myself.

  2. and why dont u make it happen? its not impossible...!!

  3. @primitive: sigh! soul sister!
    @CoffeeCup: it might not be too difficult for you to manage this right?
    @mac: hmmm....maybe I feel the world will stop spinning if I take off like that. LOL... no really, I would like to be gifted a day like this. feels too frivolous to be treating myself to something like this!

  4. Ahh the Great Escape! You know what, last year I got the same wish. my husband took the kids to Calcutta for the Diwali holidays, and I joined them 3 days later because I had some unavoidable work at Mumbai. Those 3 days were meant to be TOTALLY MY TIME. They flew past so quickly that now I have only a vague memory of endless packing and cleaning, frantic last-minute buying and rush, rush, rush. But watching "wake Up Sid" all alone at the multiplex was worth it. Only I woke up too soon after the break!

  5. We're gonna make this happen!..cant promise you when but it will happen my dearest friend! we'll send u packing..i get to keep Nanma though :)

  6. Deepa go for it.. only you can make it happen. believe me if that thought has come then its your inner voice sending a message. Go ahead and take it.
    Its not frivolous to take it. Its rejuvenating and when you return with new energy it will make everyone around you happy.
    I can name at least 5 peopele who will keep nanma
    Waiting for the post after you do that!

  7. beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

  8. I'd love even just a morning, sleeping in would be grand.

    Congratulations on the little one, it has been to awfully long. Glad to be back!

  9. All the best for the oneday...

  10. Hey Deepa! What a surprise to see your comment! Followed the link to your blog to find out who apart from my family took the time to read my doodlings! The Scatterbrain is a great blog - will put it onto my google reader so I can follow it regularly. Saw all your pics when I visited your parents and heard the latest. It was really good to go back to ODC after 28 years and see that it was all that I had imagined it to be. And your family has been instrumental in many ways for all that it is. And judging from your blog, it looks as if you are following right in their footsteps as someone who can influence people and make a difference. May God continue to bless you and your lovely family. And way-to-go with the bloggin!! Love, Arpit