So far, by God's grace

Friday, August 20, 2010

My Almost ‘O.n.e D.a.y’

So guess what? I got something very close to my ‘One Day’. It happened over last Friday and Saturday.

You see, apart from being a wife, mom, teacher, part-time homemaker and employer of a live-in nanny/maid, I also took on the added responsibility of doing an online course for teachers from the Univ of San Diego as part of my professional development. Smart huh? (phew! that previous sentence was loooong!)

Anyway, so I bravely took on this course as I thought I could finish it over the summer break. But, hubby, baby and lady (maid/nanny) took up more of my time than I thought they would. So on the 12th of August, I suddenly realized that my final assessment paper was due on the 13th and that given my situation, I would hardly have time to meet the deadline. So on Friday (the 13th!!!!) morning, my dearest Paunch (in case you didn’t know, he is my husband, the man I love, cherish and obey) drove our maid/nanny (henceforth referred to as Akka) and my bubbly, babbly baby over to his parents place to spend the whole weekend!! He was going to be away for the weekend anyway.

So when I came back from work on Friday, I had the whole house to myself! Ah! The sound of silence! I snacked on nutella and marie biscuit, drank iced tea, sprite and tang to keep me going, worked on my assignment, then at, went with friends to watch Inception, came back, made a hot cup of stronnnnng coffee, worked on my assignment, took facebook breaks, and finally went to sleep at 3:00am!! I loved it! It was like reliving my college life, except that I missed my crazy bunch of girlfriends in hostel.

How amazing was it? Too good! I realized I hadn’t had time like this just for myself in more than 3 years!

Did I feel bored? No way!!

Did I miss my family? Only three times. First, when my MIL called asking about Nanma’s night routine – I felt a sharp pang of ‘missing’. Second, when Paunch called to tell me he had boarded the train and that he misses me – one awww….slight ‘missing’ moment. And last, when I finally hit the bed and it was all for me – I missed the snore and the cuddle.

Would I do it again? Certainly! Especially since I now know that my lil girl is perfectly fine staying with her grandparents.

Wait…. I’m not done!

The next day, I woke up at 9:30. I thought I might sleep longer but I was just a little too excited at the prospect of the whole day ahead of me. I made pancakes for breakfast, watched some TV, read a few chapters of my book in the loo (luxury!), took a loooong beauty bath, booked a time at my favorite beauty parlour and got a pedicure, hair oil massage and hair spa. It was a lovely lazy day. I reached my in-laws place by 4 that evening. My Chakakuru was thrilled to see me and I, her.

All was well!

Now I’m looking forward to a weekend trip with Paunch where its ONLY the two of us, and then my O.N.E D.A.Y sometime in the not too distant future.


  1. lucky you! But all moms deserve any me-time they can have! And me-days are even better, although they are as rare as a blue moon.

    Last year, when my husband took the kids to Calcutta three days before I went (because I had to stay back in Mumbai owing to election duties, etc), I enjoyed such an epiphanic break!

  2. That does sound like bliss:)
    oh how i miss my beauty parlour appointments back in i would have to pay an arm and a leg just to get my eyebrows done :(

  3. Sounds like a perfect day.

    And yes, :) wait till I get back!

  4. please do it fast.... that way the pop baby can be with me..all mine.. muhahahahaha

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting and educating me about Jack fruit. My husband also read that once you cut into the fruit there is some waste meaning that you don't eat the whole thing. I'm glad you got your almost ONE day. I like my peace and quiet now that my son and daughter are grown and live on their own. Love to visit with them, the grand kids, etc...but it's always nice to come back to a peaceful quiet home. Life is beautiful...every season in life has its magic and rewards. Come back again...