So far, by God's grace

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just a peek!

How would you like to have a peek into someones brain. Just a little peek, not psychoanalysis. I would very much like to peek into my little girl's brain when I see that 'lost-in-dreamland' look cross her face. And I've wished a thousand times that I could read my husband's mind.

So just in case any of you felt like peeking into my brain, or even if you didn't until now, but some unknown force is driving you to continue reading here, I present.............. A few thoughts crowding my brain now!! *

This a very randomy random post. So if you find it hard to follow my train of thoughts, don't blame me. I've warned you already - I am a scatterbrain.

I've just finished submitting my report card comments and I wonder how it will be received. It is very hard to write nice stuff when the kid actually drives u insane! I got a new student yesterday. That makes it 14 students in my main class. And that's a lot for me.

I've been reading "Rilla of Ingleside" these days and I've only managed to read a little before bed everyday. I miss the times when I could sit and finish a book in one shot.

I will be going overseas on work for 4 days next month and I miss my family even when I think of it. I don't know how lil girl will handle it, and I worry that she will be angry at me for this! But at the same time, I am going for a training in an area I am excited to be learning about, and I will be visiting a new country. yay!!

My ATM/debit card has been "swallowed" by the ATM machine 2 times in a week, and a cheque I wrote out bounced. I am frustrated with my new bank!

Little girl is picking up words everywhere. She loves imitating people and while her vocabulary has increased considerably, she has also picked up a few words I'd rather not have her use. Oh... and she has 12 teeth!! Her two front teeth are huge! (like me??)

Things are falling apart in my house, and I think its because we live close to the sea. I've had hinges on 3 shelves replaced and the entire cabinet under my kitchen sink has to be replaced! I wonder when I will have my own place...or at least a rented home where I know I will live for more than a year!

Tomorrow is UN day at my school and everyone dresses up in their national costume. I will have to wear a Saree. Which one, I wonder!! hmm... Maybe my red silk one with the black embroidered border. What jewelery should I wear, I wonder??

Oh.. and that reminds me, that hubsy's cousin will be here tomorrow, and I'm excited about that. We're still planning a FULL weekend for her. How exciting. I do hope our plans to go to dakshin chitra work out. I've never been there and I've longed to go for years now!

Aah!! every now and then my mind drifts to the place we stayed at last weekend - a nice home stay with a pool. It was so relaxing, and we spent so much time in the pool! lil girl LOVED it. She still asks me if she can go "chummal"(swimming).

Oof! And did you know, my lil baby girl is closer to being a 2year old than a 1 year old!! Where did the time fly??

OK... I'll stop here. Stomach growling. Time for lunch!

ok... one more line..........

I wonder how many spelling or grammatical mistakes this post has??? Hmm........ I'll keep wondering 'cos I'm not going back to edit!!