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Friday, November 12, 2010

Rhymes with groom!

The other day at class, I was asking my kids to think of words that rhyme with 'zoom'. Now this is not as easy as finding rhyming words for cat and bat, and so I expected to hear a few non-words in the list. After saying boom, room, doom and loom the kids were stuck and started making up their own words and I would tell them if it was a real word or not. :)

So then little boy A suggests the word 'groom'. I add that to the list and then ask him if he knows what the word means. He doesn't. No one else in the class knows the word. So I say, "At a wedding, the man who is getting married is called the groom. Have you been to a wedding? have you seen a groom? " A few hands go up. The girls are all excited and want to talk about the weddings they've been to. Then I ask " So who knows what a woman who is getting married is called? It starts with a 'B'...b..b...".

I see A's excited hand waving at me. He can barely hold himself together.

"I know... I know..... its broom!!"

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