So far, by God's grace

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Another picture heavy post.

"Cham Ai Yam, Cham ai Yam, do yoo like geen egg a ham? " - Nanma's current favorite. Unfortunately we only have the paperback version of Green Eggs and Ham and so the book only comes out when Amma is around.

At our beach. With Nanma and her best friend/main rival- Samaya. Also known as "yaya" or "Chamaya". I call it "our" beach. But in reality, we share it with the others who live on our street on weekdays (like this one) and half of Chennai's population on weekends.

A close up of the lil foof we call 'Yaya'. Her mom (u can see her lovely legs in the BG) is my bestest friend and I do hope she and Nanma grow up to be besties too! As of now, they love hugging each other but are fierce rivals when it comes to toys, books and people they love.

Nanma goes to the beach to collect "shellish". We're trying to collect as many as she can. The blue thing in her hand is a sieve. She mostly uses it to dig. She loves digging a hole, putting her feet in and then covering it with sand.

Two chubby feet. My friends have always teased me about my fingers and toes. One of my prayers for my daughter was that she'd not inherit my finger and toenails. But God sometimes likes to tease me too, and so he gave her just that!

Us again! I still remember the first time we took her to the beach. She was 7 months old and HATED it. I guess the sand under her feet, the wide expanse of water before her and the cold water were a shock. She cried like...well, a baby! Now she's almost 2 years old and its so hard to get her out!

Cuddletime before bed. I will always cherish these moments. We tickle each other silly and then talk about all that happened that day followed by bedtime prayer. I know I won't have her as a little cuddly bundle for too long and so these times are precious!

Here's one I couldn't help posting. This is her potty face. Teh one thing that hasn't changed since she was about 4 months old. Don't worry. She's not in pain. Just concentrating.


  1. Adorable in superlative! Loved all the pics, especially the cuddly-time and the potty-look.

  2. Lovely! The joy on the faces of the two of you overflows off the screen - thanks for bucking up an otherwise stressful day for me. God bless.

  3. What darling pictures, my 6 year old still loves to snuggle so hopefully you will have years left.

  4. awwww deepa... i am one of the lurkers (very faithful one at that) at your site.... i love love love your blog and this post is by far my favorite!!!I have a lil girl too who is the love of my life and she just turned 4. she was overjoyed at having a budday, I was a lil sad that she is outgrowing being my lil baby... cherish every moment you get with nanma... lil girls are such a blessing from god!!!god bless you and your wonderful family...

  5. Every time I read about Nanma, I tear up!
    You are blessed.. and you know what.. as she grows up sees these blogs will also realize how blessed she is.

  6. But Deeps, the same fingers and toes look oh-so-adorable on her! She is the most gorgeous and beautiful baby I have ever met. Big hugs to her.

  7. Enchanting pics. Such a wonderful age too.... mine are all big now... though I still try and baby the younger one.. much to his disgust!!:) Well, we can always go back to pictures like this..

  8. Thank you guys! You are so sweet!

    @coffee cup: Thanks! Waiting for updates on your lil fella!

    @Amy and Arpit: You're welcome! Nanma is my natural remedy for nagging headaches. Maybe I should market her!

    @'Zaiah & Lis: I do hope so!

    @Anon: Thanks for commenting! Whats your name?

    @Mannaunty: Thank you! You are such a blessing too!

    @Rox: I still have that "fingers and toes" poem you wrote for me. Sidey!!

    @Suchismita: How I wish we could preserve innocence!

  9. Your Nanma is adorable:) Such a cutie.

  10. Nanma is a cutie..loved all the pics esp..her potty look..aww so cute!!

    Such a nice post Deepa and you look great..

  11. Lovely post deepa!i'm one of your lurkers from Doha :) . can't resist myself from commenting this time.God bless your lovely family, especially Nanma.

  12. Your daughter is beautiful!

    I love the picture of the two of you at the beach - so sweet!

  13. Hey deepa,

    sorry about the long time to comment... My names deepti... Hi there!!!( am the anonymous lurker with the 4 year old btw)