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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The good, the bad and the funni!

So, my students were given this assignment. The prompt was "Write about a game you like to play"

Here are a few samples of what I read as I graded them.

One boy wrote - "My favorite game is the game of life." I was astounded. Such words from a little 2nd grader!...Well, my awe-ing was short lived because I read on to find that he was talking about a board game called "LIFE"

Another boy wrote about his Nintendo DS. After explaining with hand drawn illustrations on how to switch the thing on and what buttons to use, he goes on to say why he plays this game "When I play game, the bad is going out of my body."

Here's another one. "Tag is so, so fun. It's more fun to play inside the house. But not when Mom is there. "

And can you beat this? "Tag is so funi game. It is so fun that I can die"

Ever heard of these two games? "hide and sick and ronthn brage is foring down" You might have guessed the first one right. The second game? Why, 'London bridge is falling down' - of course!

Hmm...what's more fun? Playing or falling down? " Its so fun to run, and I fall down someni tims. I fall on the flore some 50 or 100 times, an more times I cant count!"


  1. Ha Ha Ha...Made my day!Now i wish i had something to make the bad go out of me!

  2. Nice one Deepa, children are so innocent that they speak out their mind..

    Your post clearly tells how you enjoy your work with these lil ones!!

    Best Wishes..