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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not a serious post.....certainly not! Just an annoying one.

I did a post on things that make me happy.... now its time for a list of things that annoy me.

>>I have a funny pain in my throat and my neck is aching from sitting at my computer, planning a smartboard lesson on the Indus Valley Civilization for my 4th graders. (yes!!! I have a smartboard in my classroom and it is the coolest thing in my room- next to the pink elephant Elle!)

>>The road that runs right in front of my school has been under maintainance for over a year. Yesterday I made the mistake of riding my bike over that(shorter) road rather than take the nicer, longer one-way route. The result - a backache that hasn't gone yet.

>>Some of my neighbors are extemely nosy! Last night I had someone knock on one of the windows, asking to see Nanma........ at 8:30pm!!!

>>Although I love taking Nanma to the beach, I hate bringing sand into the house. We have a tap outside our apartment where I can wash the major sand off our feet, but the sand on our clothes gets evenly distributed around the house and is a pain to get rid of! I guess this is the flipside of the coin!

>>We live on the groundfloor. And thanks to the nosy neighbours and the fact that our windows open into the open car parking lot, we cannot keep them open! What a waste of the lovely sea breeze.

>>I always thought nosy was spelt 'nosey'. My spellcheck says the opposite. It annoys me that 'nosy' doesn't look as pretty in print as 'nosey'. Then again, nosey isn't meant to be a pretty word at all!

hmm... I'll stop here. I have to go home. Since my back is aching too much for me to ride my bike, I have a ride with a friend.

See you all in a better mood........hopefully soon!

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