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Thursday, February 3, 2011

His Eye is on the Sparrow

Angie Smith is one incredibly inspiring woman who's blog I was introduced to about 2 years ago. She started blogging to write about her 4th daughter Audrey Caroline who was diagnosed with life threatening issues in vitro. She and her husband Todd (He sings with the Christian band Selah) took the decision to keep the baby rather than abort. Audrey Caroline passed away shortly after birth.

Angie's blog is about her journey through this. A couple of months ago, Their youngest daughter Charlotte was born. I just cannot imagine going through what this family has been through, and yet they are able to inspire others with their close relationship with God.

Here is a post she wrote on another website she contributes to.
I read this today, and I found myself nodding my head in agreement to all she said. How many times have I sung the hymn " His eye is on the sparrow" and not really realized what it meant!

Go.... scoot.... go read that post. And then go on and read Angie Smith's story. It will not fail to move your heart.


  1. Im a regular reader of your blog, the way you write keeps me coming to know more thats iam one of your "lurkers". Honestly Im lazy to put in comments so I just read and skip off..but todays blog made me write this as I have been inspired by Angie Smith too. In all that they have gone through,they thank and Praise God, that's something amazing that I need to practice myself. Read the link you had given and thanks to you for the link, I loved it..

    You do a great job..way to go, Best Wishes!!!

  2. Hi Bindhu!
    Thanks for commenting this time! I love getting feedback. Do i know you in real life? I know a couple of Bindhus, thats why. A friend's wife, a cousin, an aunt, an old school senio...

  3. Yeah Deepa, I know you very well, I studied in the same school, lived in Ambilikkai, know your parents well. When I left for college I guess you must have been in the 5th you wouldnt know me and thats the reason why I didnt introduce myself!!

    Well I really dont remember how I came across your blog, (I think it was through Tarun's blog which I was reading since 2006, where you had commented on a subject)

    I secretly hate my name;)but love it because my parents have given me lovingly..its a very very common name:)

    Its getting too long, Nanma is so so sweet and I love the name too, very unique and meaningful!!

  4. Guess what?
    I remember you. Jebuchacha's classmate right? I think I was in 6th or 7th when you finished school. I used to want to grow up and wear high heeled shoes and lipstick like you! Now that I'm grown up, I still like high heels and lipstick, but can't be bothered to make the effort to dress up!
    Where are you now? We should prolly connect on Facebook!

  5. Hey Deepa

    Im so glad you recognized me and u're right Im Jebu's classmate. Did I wear lipstick then? Im not very sure..getting old and my memory is also fading..but now I do:P

    Anyways very glad u recognized me and what a way to get connected:)) I should have given my comments a very long time back..he..he..

    As you have blogged before, God has His own time for its better late than never!!!

    Hugs to the lil her kochu kochu talks!!!