So far, by God's grace

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My babies

I am a mother.

Even as a toddler I was mother……to my dolls.

At 16, I preferred rocking our neighbor’s baby to sleep rather than prepare for my board exams.

I have one daughter, and faith that God will give me more.


I also have many ‘children’ scattered across the globe. Babies I’ve played with, become a part of my life. My mother used to find it amusing that every baby I played with would be the “cutest baby I’ve known”.

Some of my babies are all grown up now…That’s because I was 5 years old when I first started feeling a sense of ownership over the babies I regularly played with. My first baby will soon become a dentist!!! My second baby now volunteers with children living in poverty in the Philippines. ( I had the pleasure of having her at my home for a couple of days last week) Another baby, now in her teens is admirably strong at holding on to her faith and values amid peer pressure. She dreams of being a mathematics professor in Oxford!!!

The baby of the whole T clan is now finishing high school (though she calls it pre-university) and writes a blog where she comes across as someone wayyyyy beyond her years.

And me? I’m so grateful that these kids know me and acknowledge me as a part of their lives. I am proud of all they’ve accomplished and pray that they will continue to shine their lights for Jesus!

I am grateful for the community where I grew up. I know I am the product of my parents’ reliance on God and the investment these babies’ parents and others put into my life.

It truly takes a village to raise a child!


  1. Oh pachechi LOVING it :)
    I too loved catching up with you guys :)
    And am honored to have been one of your babies :)
    Was your first baby Tina??
    Xx Huggles xX and Love to you and the Family.

  2. :) YEs!! Tina was my first baby! She used to call me "Achee chechi" because the one way i knew I could make her laugh was by pretending to sneeze!

    The next baby I mentioned after you is Nidhi. Its amazing to see the lovely young woman she's growing to be!