So far, by God's grace

Monday, January 31, 2011

Thats why!

Little BIG things I like about...

My husband:
He is not as open with his affection as I am, but he does these little things that show me he cares. Like charging my cellphone because I always forget to plug it in.

My daughter:
She likes to sit with me at the end of the day and talk about all that happened. She doesn't know the Malayalam word for "remember?" so she says "kandille?"(Didn't you see?) like "Kandille, Appacha paatu paadi" (didnt you see, Appacha sang a song).

My house:
Its less than 100meters from the beach!

My bed:
It is so so so comfy!

My maid/nanny:
She makes me yummy coffee when I wake up and when I get back from school. Her family runs a little roadside "chai kada" near my hometown.

My Amma:
She's the one person on Earth who has almost the same character traits as me - except she is certainly NOT scatterbrained and is probably the most talented person I've met. she cooks, she bakes, she sews, she mends, she talks, she sings, she draws, she cuts hair, and can fix almost any broken thing!

My Appa:
his quiet, calm, confidence. I've said a lot more about him here

My in-laws:
They just shower their love out on us!

My job:
I am never bored.

My honda activa:
I can navigate Chennai traffic better on this little black scooter than any car can!

My hands:
The wedding ring engraves with col:3:12-14 !

My chair:
It swivels!! (I'm in my office chair as I type this.)

My fridge:
It has some precious magnets on it.

The view from my window at school:
I can see the soccer field and a row of coconut trees.

My college:
the chapel. Which I wrote about here - my 2nd ever blog post.

My God:
He is awesomely awesomer than any person,thing or feeling I've ever known!


  1. i like this post! :)
    you're SUCH a happy person,deeps... you're one of the most content people i know. Its one of the things I like most about you. hugs.

  2. 'He is not as open with his affection as I am, but he does these little things that show me he cares.' I can surely identify myself with the first part of your description. As to the second part, well, I know I need to put in more effort! Arpit

  3. you have justified reasons to like these little BIG things.... cheers
    best wishes....irfan
    ”Bapu and violence”

  4. @dangerous calamity:
    :-) Thanks! but believe me, I am not always like this. Ash sees the whiney side of me the most!

    @A & A:
    Please tell Amy I empathise!

    Thanks for stopping by and caring to comment.

  5. scatterbrain: OBVIOUSLY he does! Husbands have to serve SOME purpose in life,na? :)