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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Out of the mouth of babes......

She might fool you into thinking she's wise beyond her years (which is one year and 11 months to be exact) but she's still a babe. And out of her cute lil mouth came these words of wisdom and wit just today!

Today as I was walking her down our street, a lady stopped by and said "Hi baby!" immediately Nanma responds "Bye baby!". I was so embarrassed I just kept walking!!

She was sent to the "corner" twice tonight for some time out. The first because she rubbed banana all over our bedsheet, and the 2nd because she repeatedly made potty noises instead of talking to her grandfather on the phone. Both times, after wailing like a siren and crying her eyes out and after the 5 minutes were over, I picked her up and tried talking to her. And what did she say? "Amma smile pleesh!"

All she wants for her "bird-day" is a cake and candles and "Apidi to you" song. How I wish my wishlist was that simple!


  1. This same little lady visited us and drove her parents crazy when they couldnt find their car keys. On being repeatedly asked where SHE had put them, she pointed to every single bag in the vicinity!! after a lot of frantic searching, scatterbrain asked her again... and this time, the little lady got tired of answering and simply said "kaaka kondupoyi" (meaning the crow took it and flew away!) which is something she's probably heard a zillion times about things she's wanted and that have mysteriously been moved away from her line of sight!! Scatterbrain's face was priceless and I couldnt help but laugh my head off!! And the keys?? They were in Paunch's pocket all along~! That kid is a RIOT!! :) Come back sooon!!

  2. Oye dangerous person!

    We LOVED staying at your home. Nanma loved "bungalooor" too! and we WILL come again. Be warned!

  3. such a little smartie she is...a tight squeeze / hug from me for this lovely little likeable lady:)

  4. Hi Deepa! Lovely post as usual. This one I have to repost:-) Love to Nanma

  5. @Bindhu: Sure!
    @A & A: Aiyo! I wrote this post late in the night. I haven't revised or edited it at all!

  6. Revising and Editing! I remember my mother who was a teacher (now retired) who did that all night!