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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Seriously! What was he thinking?

Ever been to this blog cakewrecks? They have some really funny cake disasters out there. Here is the story of my very own cake wreck.

Like every other girl, I had been planning my wedding since the time I knew weddings existed. I had a bridal bouquet of my dreams, a wedding Saree of my dreams, a floral archway of my dreams under which my husband and I would stand and take pictures, and of course the wedding cake of my dreams. Now my idea of a dream wedding cake was something like this.
It would be a simple looking, 2 layered rich chocolate cake- covered with smooth white icing and a red ribbon border. I did not want hearts or roses on it. I certainly did not want bride and groom figurines on top.

Anyway, the big day finally came close and (finally) I got to meet my florist who was also the one who was to do my cake a day before the wedding.... yes, 1 day before my wedding. ( this is what happens when you live in a tiny little town, your folks live in a big village and your groom and prospective parents live in a big city where the wedding will take place)

I showed the man (the florist shall henceforth be referred to as 'the man' ) a picture of my dream bouquet. This is what he told me "White roses ma'am? Sorry. Can I use carnations instead?" I am so glad I said no and went ahead with another more expensive florist because I am pretty sure the man would have destroyed it!

He then proceeded to show me pictures of grotesque, ugly cakes. I refused each one and showed him the picture of what I wanted. He actually had a picture like the one I wanted in his portfolio! I said I wanted dark chocolate cake - all cake! (Chennai wedding cake bakers are notorious for icing over cardbaord and leaving just a small wedge of actual cake for the couple to cut and eat!)

Anway, after a beautiful wedding, and riding on high, high, high spirits (the feeling spirits - not alcohol!) we walked into our reception hall.

Can you see the shock on our faces. We were looking at the monstrosity that was to be our wedding cake.
An ugly PINK, green and red ..........three tired..................cardboard cake.........with an uglier mound on top..... with the ugliest plastic bride and groom figurin
es I've seen till date!


I kept asking Ashwin as we walked in .... "Is this a joke? what is this....where's my cake?"

And to top it all.... I think he - the man- gave us the cake his parents used at their wedding, because it took us about two minutes to cut through the hard concrete frosting to get to the cake...... only to find out it was fruit cake - which we both HATE!!

We're laughing in these pictures because, even a cake as ugly as this cannot dampen that utterly delicious feeling of being just married with our whole lifetime ahead of us!

But now, as I think about it, I wonder....

What was the man thinking?

*When I said "chocolate cake" he heard it as "fruit cake"
*When I said "2 tiers" he heard it as "3 tiers with actual cake only on one layer. The other two can be cardboard with frosting over it!"
*When I said "white cake with red ribbon", he heard it as "mix white and red and make a pink cake"
*When I said "no figurines" he heard it as " Ugly plastic figurines standing on a mound of pink frosting please"

We had an off white and red theme going on for the whole evening. He had done the flowers in that theme.... seriously! What was he thinking?

Anyway, if nothing, it made for a good story I can tell my children and grandchildren. And of course, you my dear readers got good laugh out of it!


  1. What a neat post! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I did get a good laugh out of it!

  3. What an ass, that cake-guy.
    You made for such a gorgeous bride, Deeps.

  4. @Magnolia: Thanks!

    @Lis: LOL... that was the intention. Does Isaiah really read here as well?

    @Rox: Thanks! You will too... get married soon!

    @Mac: Ya, I go there when I need a few laughs.

  5. which cake shop is that?

  6. This was a very funny, albeit upsetting (to you) blog post. I enjoyed it and did have a chuckle over it. You looked gorgeous! Congrats!

  7. haahahahahahhaa... hilarious... !! but all i remember is looking at the cake (i didnt know it was cardboard then) and thinking.. 'i hope i get a piece' :D and i did :)

  8. What a man!! But don't worry - to the untrained eye (mine), your cake looks pretty cool! Good to read your blog again after some time - you always make me feel good! And you look so lovely in your wedding pics - wish I could've been there!

  9. Chuckled! Yet, I'd have strangled the man for making a different cake. You both look lovely in your wedding pics.

    P.S: Could you please remove the word verification thing.

  10. haha. such an entertaining post :) I remember going through similar emotions at my wedding too :)