So far, by God's grace

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So..... Here's whats been happening at the Jacob household.

Last week my darling husband left for Poland. He was sent by his company on work and will be back next month.

OK, How am I doing? Not too bad. My school's 2 week spring break began the day he left. (sad!) And I spend a nice week with my in-laws and now am at my parents. Nanma and I have been quite busy. I turned a year older last week. We even managed a 3 day visit to Kerala to be with my Ammachy there. I got to meet an old college friend and her two adorable litle girls!

I am so thankful for technology. Skype makes long distances so much easier!

Nanma hasn't quite understood whats happened to her Appa. Although she says "Appa gone to Poland" she thinks he is in Bangalore!!!!! Every night before bedtime she says "Naala raavale Appa verum" (Appa will come tomorrow morning) . Right now she thinks he's gone to live inside the computer because thats where she sees him every night.

Nanma has been extra extra clingy with me, now that Ashwin is away. I'm so glad I have my family around me at this time. Being at my hometown is always such a stress reliever. We sleep in late, enjoy the green outdoors and the clean air, Nanma splashes around in her inflatable "Shimming pool" and I get to eat the yummy food from my childhood and teens.

I wish I could upload some pictures here, but i left my camera cable at home and my dad's card reader doesn't work....

hmmm.... So thats the update from my side.

What have y'all been up to?


  1. Hey Deepa, join the gang of married singles for the month! Good you have a break and so can visit family. If you are adventurous enough, come and visit Shillong! I will be there for a month or so more and then go to join Amy in Ludhiana. Nanma will love the beautiful mountains and the many waterfalls.

  2. Am waiting for the Third Bday updates!:)