So far, by God's grace

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Things I Miss

In this big, brave new world, I now have a lot of things I've always wished for. And yet, me being the kind of girl that looks back on my childhood and growing up years with fondness, I miss a few things like ....

.... the extra spoon of Bournvita or Nutramul my Amma used to put in my cup of milk just so I'd be able to crunch on something as I drink my milk.

.... cooking rice outside on a brick stove with my cousins, collecting 'ola' (coconut leaves) and 'cheratta' (dried coconut shells) to light the same fire, taking turns to kindle the fire.

.... my grandparents - both Grandfathers and one Grandmother who are now up in heaven!

... jumping out of bed, brushing teeth and making a mad dash to class dressed in my pyjamas ( in college - we did this all the time and nobody bothered because it was a girls college!)

... waiting every night for my phonecall from the love of my life! We've been married almost 4 years now, and though I have him to have and to hold, I still miss those long phone conversations!

... singing. Especially singing with my old band - the Sitaphalbandies - queer name and queerer girls!

... my Hydrabad mess food - not WCC, no way! I think I'd die now if I ate the same food that was served to us in WCC!

... drinking Rasna. The Rasna we used to get when I was a kid. The Rasna in the markets now is just not the same!

... the excitement of planning my wedding

... playing in the river, skimming flat rocks on the water surface

... watching English movies almost every other week at the cinema for just Rs.6.50!

... evening chapel services at college

... reading comics on the bed with a bag of 'murukku' (a South Indian fried snack) for company.

...sleep overs and pretend play


I miss longing for the day I could have all that God has blessed me with now!


  1. I was thinking along the exact lines, the last couple of days. What I thought impossible, 10 years ago, have been had and surpassed, in ways I could not even have imagined it possible. And yet, somedays, I miss those days of 25 rupees royal treats at Raj Bhavan, waiting for this day to arrive. Lovely post.

  2. Even I'm prone to bouts of nostalgic. I miss so many of things I'd done and so many of the people who're no more.
    Yes, I also miss planning my wedding, and I miss how Rohit and I were always talking on the phone (even writing..snail mail, not e-mail). I miss the wedding, which was so so fabulous. I miss the moment when Adiv was born. Despite all that, i'm having so much fun now, coz i'm guessing these moments will contribute to the nostalgia later.

  3. I miss some of the same things.
    Playing in the river, cooking in cheratta on a brick stove, 6.50 movies, reading + munching in bed, and Rasna of course which used to be such a special treat!

  4. @Anon : This is Roxie right? I know... Imagine going to eat at Raj Bhavan now!

    @Primitive: Oh I know... I should have added the moment Nanma was born . I keep replaying that scene in my mind.

    @Mattiz: Thanks!

    @Anitha: same pinch! Where's your blog? You're a fantastic writer!

  5. could relate to everything, except cooking rice over brick fire, which ive never done :)

  6. Thanks Deepa. :) I don't have a blog now. :(