So far, by God's grace

Saturday, April 16, 2011


One of Ashwin's friends from college was chatting with me the other day and mentioned how he couldn't believe his old friend was now a responsible husband and father. Unfortunately for that poor guy, Ashwin had already been gone to Poland when we chatted and so he had to put up with line after line after line on google chat of me singing my darling husband's praises.

That's how it is. Whenever one of us is away is when the other realizes just how much we need the other. And you, since you're here and already reading this, let me warn you. If you are a girl, you may finish reading this post feeling dejected that the best man on Earth isn't yours. And if you're a guy, you might develop a serious complex.

When I first ever saw him, he had no idea I existed and I had no idea he would one day be my husband. My college band was competing against his and I loved his voice. Now, 9 years since then, he is my rock.

I wish he would sing even now, but he dislikes being in the spotlight. He's the total opposite of what I am. While I am impulsive, have a wild imagination and am a scatterbrain and a chatterbox and love being the center of attention, Ashwin is quiet, practical, and level headed. Before going out to buy something, he does extensive research, downloads manuals, read reviews and more and I..... I just go ahead and pick up something that catches my eye! I love holding hands in public and he hates it. I love romance and he sometimes has no clue how that works......And yet, he is the love of my life.

Oh and didn't I tell you? Might have slipped my mind.... he's mighty brave too! Look at him holding those two snakes from his parents' backyard!

Ashwin is an amazing dad. Before marriage, I knew he would be good with kids because somehow I could see that in him even when he didn't. And as our little Nanma grows older, I love watching the adoration in her eyes when she talks of her Appa. The idea of God as our father was always the easiest for me to relate to because of my awesome father. I know it'll be the same for Nanma. I will always remember the day when we were pregnant, we walked out of the hospital after our 13th week ultrasound and as Ashwin started the car, I noticed his eyes were full. My big hulk of a husband was tearing up thinking of the wittle wigglly baby in my tummy!

Oh he is a big softie, you know! You might not think so, and I know for sure the people who work under him at office don't think so, but I know! He loves planning surprises for me and usually manages to make them happen without curious me interfering. He can be a clown, but only Nanma and I see that side of him.... even his best buddies don't see the silly dances and the funny faces he can make!
Ah! I love him so so so so so much!

He's big,
He's handsome,
He's a cuddle bear
He's a thinker
He's funny
He's a good singer but
He's a horrible dancer
He's my favorite photographer
He can be romantic
He's sincere
He's loving
He's thoughtful
He's my man
He's my soulmate
He's my prince charming
He's my ROCK!
And I miss him a LOT right now!



  1. ...and going by what you've said about him, he is going to be so embarassed by this post:))
    Very sweet Scatterbrain. Here's wishing you both a life time of happiness together:)

  2. I echo Primitive Lyric! Did you run this past him first!! But it's such a beautiful paean to your mutual love and I'm sure after he gets over the embarrassment, he is gonna feel really good!! God bless you guys - may you have a long and happy life together!

  3. Awwww. Here's to the rest of the month zipping past and Ashwin being back in India again. I am dying to see the Labaloo. I am inviting myself over again, soon-ly :D

  4. @Primitive & Arpit: Yes, he would be embarrassed... But then I would never be able to put out something soppily romantic like this if I ran it by him first!

    @Rox:come spend a weekend with Nanma and me and make me feel better! ;)