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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nanmaisms - Part I

Me: Nanma is a.....?
Nanma : chata boxth
Me: Also a?
Nanma : Daama keen
Me: And also a.?
Nanma: Comedy pish

Yes, my daughter is a chatterbox, drama queen and a comedy piece. Each unique name has been bestowed upoon her by her parents and uncle. The latest nickname she has is "vazhakaali" meaning ' naughty one' in Malayalam.

So here are some of her most recent sayings

We went to Kerala to visit my grandma and went with her to her ancestral home to meet her youngest brother. When we reached the place I told Nanma "This is where Velliammachy (great grandma) lived when she was a baby. I thought the whole concept would be lost on her.... ah ah... not my little one. Just as we were getting ready to leave she poked her head out of the car and yelled to her great grand uncle "This is my Velliammachy's house, OK??" Needless to say, her Velliammachy has fallen in love with her all over again!

About 2 months ago, we were grocery shopping. Nanma was riding the shopping cart while Ashwin and I picked out our stuff. Suddenly Nanma lifts her hands up and shouts at the top of her voice "Thank You LORD!!! Thank you Lord!!!" ......Yikes!! We do feel happy that she thanks God for his provisoon, but not like that!!!!

One day she declares that her Amma is a 'good boy' ' pinjesh' (princess!!) - she sure can make my heart smile!

Last night we had this conversation....
N: Amma, say sorry.
me: why?
N: Say sorry, Amma!
me: is this a game?
N: yes.
me: Ok. Sorry.
N: Inim cheyalle Amma. ok? (Don't do this hereafter. Ok?)
me: ok.
N: Inim school pogalle ok? (Don't go to school hereafter)

According to Nanma the people in her family are - Nanma Anna Jacob, AshinAppa Anna Jacob, AmmaAppa Anna Jacob and PaatiPaati Anna Jacob. (Paati is our Nanny/maid.)

Since Ashwin got back from Poland, he had to go away this weekend to attend his cousin's wedding. Nanma thinks all he does is get into airplanes and fly around the sky!

One night, I was putting her to bed. She was stubbornly refusing to close her eyes. Frustrated, I asked her "Why are you doing this?". Keeping her little eyes fixed on the ceiling, she replies "Baby peshanam (preshanam) ondo nokkuva" (Baby's looking for a problem)

Last Christmas we attended a fundraiser concert where Nanma's favorite uncle aka Uppaapa was performing. According to her his band sang "Ding dong murungakai"*. Any guesses as to which song that was?? To my non-south Indian followers, 'murungakai' is a vegetable found in my state and is used in making Sambhar- Nanma's favorite curry!

About 2 weeks ago, Ashwin's aunt wanted to watch our wedding video so she could get some ideas for organising her son's wedding. Nanma was super excited to see Appa and Amma on TV. She looked for herself and couldn't find her. When her grandfather asked her where she was while the wedding was happening, prompt came the reply - "Baby car-il irikuvaarunnu!" (Baby was sitting in the car!)

I have no idea how she came about calling herself "baby". Ashwin and I love the name we have given her, and call her only by that name. But she seems to think 'baby' is better. What do we do?

That's all for now......... more to come later!


  1. A big hug to Sweetheart Namma baby !

  2. There is nothing you can do if she decides she wants to be called "baby'. Look at me.. Im stuck with the name 'Manna'. No one named me that!
    What was a lisp turned out to be a super name!

  3. Oh! You've made me miss her all the more now!!See if you can upload the audio of her singing " i miss appa"!

  4. Soooo Adorable!!!! Just can't wait to come down to Chennai and meet Nanma.

  5. I thinks if you go for a part two or three, we would be bored stiff,.

  6. Your daughter is so cute and imaginative.