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Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Short Story

Here's something I found as I was grading papers today. This is a short story. Children were given picture prompts and asked to write a story. This particular Japanese boy has improved his English in leaps and bounds. He can communicate quite effectively however, he still uses a lot of invented spelling.

I thought his spelling for this piece was just adorable and wanted to share.

Tina make a sandwaitch

Tina wants to make a sandwaitch. But she kuddend reatsch the pakitsh of bread. Then she tolk a chare! Then she was standing on the chare but she koundenned reatsch the pakitsh of bread. Then her father kame and gafe the pakitsh of bread to Tina. Then she was happy, now she kould make the Sandwaitches.

Can you see how hard he has tried to spell words like 'couldn't ', 'package' and 'reach'? I'm so proud of him!


  1. Sounds like a mixture of Old English and a bit of German. I am so proud of him. :-)

  2. I wish I had a teacher like you! The ones I remember would have given me an imposition for spelling like that!!

  3. LOL... cant really blame him though,most of asia speaks like that!
    When we went to Cambodia, every time the guide said "echoos me" i wanted to laugh! The day we were leaving, our guide asked us if we wanted "luckish down"... after saying "pardon?" 3-4 times, we both shook our heads and told her we had NO idea what she was talking about.... then she slowly and clearly enunciated (like she was talking to a pair of particularly slow children!!) "Do you want your luckish to come down to reception tomorrow morning"!! :D :D

  4. @Cuppa: You Know what, I was wrong. This was a German boy. Thanks for sharing in my pride!!

    @Arpit: Ugh! I've had to write those dreaded impositions too...which is why I don't dole them out!

    @ Anu: Ha ha...

  5. how interesting!