So far, by God's grace

Friday, May 20, 2011

La La La.....La La

I'm feeling slightly on top of the world right now.

Can't you tell?

Oh maybe it's my subtle style of writing that had you fooled. (ha ha)

But believe me, I am feeling very happy right now.


lots of reasons....

Here are the top 5 reasons why

  1. It's Friday!! That means tomorrow's Saturday. And that means tomorrow and the next day off from work. And that means, time spent with my little muffin (actually she's turning out to be multi tired cake rather than a little muffin) and my sweet husband! And.... weekend also means fun things among grocery shopping, school hunting and the other stuff that just have to be done on weekends.

  2. I just checked my blogger dashboard and found out I have 50 followers! Now I wish I could say "Ah, 50- that's double my age" But I can't. That would be lying. And I don't want to lie to my 50 followers, do i? My cousins keep telling me I'm ancient. But I know that as long as I am on the younger side of 30, I can still call myself a "20 something girl"!!!

  3. I have this curly, swirly, wonderfully dreamy, creamy, totally doable idea that's literally and figuratively cooking up a creative storm in my brain. So far, only Ashwin and my best girlfriends are privy to my idea. (How I wish I knew how to draw stars and rainbows around text on blogger!) It's not a big secret, but for now it's a little hush hush. Will tell you soon, and would LOVE your support!

  4. I finished all my year end assessments on my students. (If no one's watching you right now, please clap for me....audibly! It will make me feel happier!) We don't have exams for elementary students, but our assessments are far more taxing.

  5. I only have 3 more weeks of school before we close for the summer!!!!! (Ok. Now's the time to do a cartwheel for me. This time, if you genuinely care, you wouldn't mind if someone were looking at you!)


  1. Lots of things to be happy for!! And the curiosity is certainly piqued about point number 3! I have a feeling it's a lil' more serious than cupcakes!! And WOW - 50 followers!! Can I borrow some?!!