So far, by God's grace

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My daughter, she is.....

She is adventurous

She can be a crybaby

She's a helper

She's a friend

She is brave

She is gleeful

She's a learner

She trusts

She is stubborn

She's friendly..(did I say that before? But that's one of her best traits!)

She is cheeky

She can get angry

And get lost in dreamland

She questions

She leads

She loves

When life gives her lemons (actually this lil lemon is a cutie. But you get the picture,right?)

She makes some very yummy lemonade!

And that's my girl!

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  1. i like her hair so adorable :)

  2. so adorable.

    - Anamika

  3. your girl is GROWING!! so cute :)