So far, by God's grace

Friday, May 27, 2011

Quick.. fill this out and send it back!

I checked my blogger dashboard today, and lo and behold - I now have 52 followers! Now I know many of you don't read here regularly, but if you do, please do this for me.

My personality is such that I am a very curious person. I need to know things. And right now, I need to know some more about you. Who are you 52 people? Where are you from? What do you like in my blog? What do you hate?

So go here, be darlings and fill this out for me please!


  1. Well I visit your blog from London and I love all ur stories about ur lil one and the beautiful pics:)

  2. I love your style of writing. And love reading abt ur lil one... :)

  3. Hi, I am Salem with 'neelam'. Many, many years ago, I went to 'caulege' to gein some 'no-ledge'. Of the many people I met in my (absent) quest for 'no-ledge' is a girl on my first day of hostel, in off white kurta and jeans, her enthusiasm and her glasses, hard to miss.
    11 years hence, I come here to read (mostly) about her gorgeous, gorgeous little baby girl - who reminds me of her mother in many ways and yet, is such a wonderfully interesting, sparkly little person, all her own! My precious little Labaloo baby.
    P.S: My word captcha is 'prockssa'!!

  4. I just like to visit your blog because you always make ordinary things see interesting and OMG you have a way with words :|

  5. You blog always bring tears to my eyes., accompanied by 'if only..., 'bingo', 'perhaps some day...'
    Across the seas miles and miles away form US!!!!!

  6. i am new to your blog..
    I live in Nj , basically from kottayam :)..Married for 3 kids..
    Lemme go and read more of our posts :)