So far, by God's grace

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

3John 1:4

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. - 3John 1:4 (The Bible)

These were words my Ammachy wrote in a little journal or sorts. We found this after she had gone to heaven after 3 years of cancer.

Nanma has been making me think of this verse a lot these days. I have been talking to her about Jesus since she was 1 or so and we've been praying together for some time now. I didn't really know what her understanding of God was and whether prayer was just a routine for her. She would say things like "Jesus is inside my tummy" that would make us laugh! She is so precious!

The other day, I saw her struggle to open an umbrella. I did nothing to help her and I watched from the other room to see what she would do. After a little bit she managed to get it open. Immediately she looked up at the roof, smiled and said "Thank you Jesus!" My heart just welled up with happiness and I remembered the verse Ammachy wrote down in her journal all those years ago.

Truly, I have no greater joy than knowing that my child is walking in the truth.


  1. Indeed, there IS no greater joy Deepa..Truly the greatest legacy we can pass on..Nothing more precious !

  2. The lives of parents are the first Bible children read. God bless you as you lead Nanma towards Him.

  3. Deepa, one of your husband's friend used to pray : ravilay ezhunetu pallu thekaan sahayikennay' Ask him abt it.He was so earnest.

  4. Translation to comment above: 'help me to wake up in the morning and brush my teeth.'
    I guess for a toddler brushing teeth is an ordeal!

  5. hi Deepa... that's such a lovely post! I too wonder what my son thinks about God and Jesus... Your grandmother seems like such a wonderful and thoughtful person. Your blog is such an encouragement to me .. and hence I've tagged you in my blog.