So far, by God's grace

Monday, October 10, 2011


Last night Nanma was playing with my wallet and she pulled this old note out. I was irritated with her at that time for playing with something so precious. But I guess its all a part of God's plan. I needed to read its message and remember it this morning.

Here's the story behind the note. It was written by my father (he's a doctor. that explains the illegible handwriting) and I've had it for 11 years.

I was still in school - 12th grade. My 11th and 12th grades were not my best years. I struggled with all the typical teenage issues plus the fact that I hated the subjects I had to do since my school and town were so small that they didn't have many options. The board exams - the fate decider - was due in 3 days and the first exam was the most dreaded "Tamil Paper 1". That was when we got the call that my Appacha (Amma's father) had passed away. I was heartbroken. My parents were already in Kerala and I went there for the funeral. My Amma stayed on with my Ammachy and Appa and I came back to our house one day ahead of my dreaded exams. I just could not study. I was terrible at Tamil and had barely managed to pass my internal exams. Each time I took up my Tamil book, I would start worrying that I'd flunk my exams. Tamil - the regional language of my state was not the most important exam, but if I failed one paper, I would have to wait another year to write the exam again and qualify to enter college.

It's hard to stay focused when you are grieving.

Close to midnight, Appa walked into my room, gave me a hug and handed me this note. "One who keeps Israel neither sleeps not slumbers. Both of us need not keep awake together". He made me close my books. We prayed together and I slept. . . .soundly.

He dropped me off at my exam center the next day. Appa stayed at home, praying the entire time I wrote the exam. My Amma in Kerala did the same. Wonder of wonders, I was able to write the exam without breaking down. When the marks came, I had passed by one mark! 35 was the cut off and I had 36 on 100!

I had this note pinned to my pin up board at home while I lived there and have carried it in my wallet ever since I left home. It remains forgotton there, but once in a while, I stumble upon it and I'm reminded of the fact that God is indeed watching over me.


  1. A very touching post! Reminds me of the hundreds of times I have gone on bended knees for help to study or clear a difficult subject... And the results have been nothing short of miraculous!

  2. Very true words. once we accept lord in our lord and give our self fully, he will take care of everything, we need not to worry. it has happened many times in my life. Praise the lord. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Very touching Deepa.. My mom used to take leave and pray me off quoting Isaiah 41v10. I can just understand how precious this is !!