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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Scrumpilicious Cupcakes

Hi all of you!

This is a big moment for me..... when I introduce to my latest baby (not the human kind)

This is the curly swirly idea I had mentioned here. I am thrilled that it is actually happening now! I started taking orders for cupcakes a few months ago. At first only my close friends and family ordered. But soon (ahem... actually last week) I started getting orders from people I don't know!!

This blog is my feeble attempt at doing something about it. It is still a work in progress.... in fact I only spent about half an hour on the blog and so there is a LOT more yet to be done. Being a wife, mother and teacher are still my primary areas of focus and baking comes only after that. So I might decline some orders for lack of time.

hmm.... This is just the start.... lets see where it takes me!


  1. Wow Deepa! Good on you for venturing out into new vistas! Do you take mail orders?!! All the best for this one and I would love to access your other blog as well if you permit it!! ;-)

  2. not able to click on the other says permission required..but yaaaay that is an awesome step..youre based in chennai rt? i shall pass on the news to my friends and family as well...look fwd 2 seeing some pics of your creations soon

  3. @Amy &Arpit: Thank you! I wish the cupcakes would withstand the journey!

    @Open Book: I dont know why it says that. Will see what I can do.