So far, by God's grace

Monday, September 12, 2011


I agreed to let my room be used today as the venue for an After School Activity. Foolish me forgot to ask the co-ordinator what activity would be held in my room.

So here I am.... I have PILES of work to finish but I just cannot because there's a beginners VIOLIN class happening in my room.


keeeeeeh ki ki ki keeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

My hair is standing on ends, my ears are ringing and my head is splitting from badly tuned violins played by 4th graders. grrrrrr and strangely enough there is a bitter metallic taste in my mouth!

lesson learnt: Never ever agree to host an after school activity without knowing what it is. And never ever will I let Nanma take up the violin!


  1. You should really reconsider the part about Nanma taking up the violin. :-D

  2. I means maybe she has a mind of her own. And maybe she could be the next Bach. :-)

  3. @Cuppa:... I know. Nevr say never If she does want to take up the viuolin, she will have to practice outside home and only after she has passed at least 2 levels will she be allowed to play inside.

  4. hey im thinking i should start playing the viola again, thats alto, so that shouldnt be bad...and hello, you cant decide what instrument your kid wants to play.