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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

If I were not a teacher

Don't get me wrong. I love my job! I know I was made to be a teacher. But like any other job, there are times when I feel frustrated. Like report card comments, curriculum mapping etc. And at those times, I let my thoughts wander to other possible jobs I could have other than teaching.

Today as I sat with my grade level team, doing our curriculum mapping, one of the teachers mentioned that she used to be a children's toys reviewer for Amazon. The company would send her crates of toys and she would watch her children play with them and write reviews. Apparently she got paid about a hundred and fifty dollars for each review!! what a great way to give your kids new toys (even for a short period. They usually lose interest in them in a couple of weeks time anyway!) and make money over the summer!

Hmmm. . . What would I want to be?

I used to want to be a radio news reader. I guess a small part of me still does. Although I dont know many people who listen to news on the radio anymore. I took two courses on Reading for Radio as part of my post graduate study and I loved it!

A baker! I do it when I have the time, but should I have to quit my teaching job for some reason, then I would have to depend on my baking for additional income.

A restaurant reviewer! A good friend has just begun doing this and I love what I see on his blog. You get invited to some of the poshest, nicest restaurants to eat their food, and all you do in return is write about them. (Sorry Div, I know its not that simple, but I would just like to think so)

Photo journalist! I think its a cool job. except I have none of the skills it requires. :(

Modest Fashion Designer. I emphasize on the word 'modest' because there is a real dearth of fashion designers that make fashionable yet modest clothes. I know many Christians who think fashion is evil and hence dress frumpily. I think it is possible to live frugally and still wear nice clothes.

Run a Bed and Breakfast Oh how I would love that! What an unhurried life! I love meeting people, chatting, cooking, napping in the afternoons. . .sigh! But my mom tells me I am not a very good hostess, because I spend more time chatting that I do serving the guests. So that's off the list.


I could just continue being the wife, mother and teacher that I am !


I am so thankful for my job!


  1. The blog should be called SCATTERBrain's long journey to Maturity. So we would have not just a teacheramma but someone who is ready to try the other the things you mentioned here :-) LOL

  2. @ Anon: It does seem like a very long journey even to me!

  3. B&B my dream too.... Maybe Alex and I can come and start one and you can occasionally fill in? :)
    I like the restayrant reviewer blog , although I miss his more personal writings!

  4. OOps I meant restaurant not restayrant( accent,, hehhe)

  5. i love the baker... and am always tempted to give up my job to do it... but experienced people in the family have cautioned me against it as it is a 24x7 job if you intend to make at least a little profit and with a small kid, it gets all the more difficult. B&B sounds scary... imagine all the cleaning up you will have to do all the time...