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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

If you were a fly on my wall

About a year and a half ago, I wrote a post titled "If you were a fly on my classroom wall". Now its time to do the home version of it.

Things have been very interesting recently. I think its all the time she has spent indoors thanks to her family members falling sick one by one that lent flight to this splendid imagination of hers.

So. . . if you were a fly on our wall you'd hear things like . . .

" Amma, Appa talk softly! The balloons are sleeping"

"Nanma! You can't mop the floor with grape juice!"
"Penguin is sleeping in the washing machine"

"I don't want medicine! If I go to Samaya's house my cough will all go away!"

"Amma, I want semenlation!"
Semenlation! .....(turns out she wanted steam inhalation! phew!)

"Nanma reading time is over. Now its sleeping time"
Amma, dont disburt . I'm bissi"

"Tomorrow is my kalyanam*" (*wedding)
What is kalyanam?
"kalyanam is wearing sari and eating biriyani"

You want curd in your noodles?? REALLY?? NO!! (I don't know where she got that Ra-One trait from!!)

"My crocs also want a bubble bath"

"Amma, is this my poopoo? " (taking some random piece of dried brown stuff off the ground and shoving it under my nose to smell!)

O.K I'll stop there.... it could get worse you know!


  1. hahaha i totally cracked over the semenlation one..still laughing :)

  2. As if you don't know already....i love your little one soooooo much!

  3. Wonder if D & R read all this! :)))

  4. HAHAHA...i love you nanma!! :)

  5. that is so funny! i would gladly be a fly on the wall of Nanma's house if i get to hear such entertaining stuff! hope u are feeling better...

  6. Deepa, Nanma is adorable. This is hilarious. My daughter is exactly one year younger and I can't wait for her to start talking like this.