So far, by God's grace

Friday, February 3, 2012


All of these. . . .

Meeting a much loved crazy cousin after 2 years . . . thinking she must have grown more mature in that time, and then realising that along with the maturity, the craziness has also grown! !

Nanma wearing her uncle's helmet . . . charming the 'rubber chappals' ( we don't wear socks!) off her adoring uncles, aunts, great uncles and great aunts.

Spoiling what would have been a lovely picture by making a face. (sigh! I should learn to pose!)

Having your parents sit together for a picture and as you take it, realising how blessed you are that you have a family that is so close, that loves God, and to have all had parents who have lived their lives thus far trusting God for everything!
(from L toR : My Appa's brother and wife. in the middle - my parents and to the right my Appa's sister and husband.)

A family that loves ice-cream! Who eat ice-cream in memory of our beloved Ammachy! (that's just an excuse, we all love ice-cream anyway!) Ever heard of an ice-cream called"gadbad"??

Watching these sisters in law love share everything - happy news, worries, sarrees, parenting tips, recipes, memories and great big hugs. And hoping that our boys will end up marrying girls we can be as close with too.

Splashing about in the sunset. Creating happy memories.

Reminiscing about times spent with Appacha and Ammachy (our iconic grandparents) Listening to funny stories from our parents' childhood. Retelling Ammachy's bedtime stories(Sumodh we missed you so much that night! )

Ah! Nothing like a family reunion to lift your spirits high!

                                 Wordle: Tharien Family


  1. awwwww..... I miss my grandparents and family RIGHT now!!!!!
    lovely post!

  2. Reminded me of all the Tharien family stories I heard, so many years ago (and the wonderfully yum cranbruke cake that aunty makes!). Lovely pictures, beautiful family.

    The 'Wordle' is beautiful too!

  3. Glad you had a wonderful time Deepa. Nice to see aunty too, i dont remember her from ur wedding but she is just as I imagined her to be from reading your posts and hearing about her from you!!

  4. Wow....Deepaka. Lovely pictures they are!!! Really really took me to those glorious days when we had our family reunion atleast once a year:)

  5. @Priya: I miss my grandparents most when Im with the whole family too.

    @Roxy: Thanks Rox! I bet you're glad you don't have to sit through my Tharien family stories now!

    @Leena: Many people think I am a lot like my mom. I think she is crazier!

    @Sam: Get your family to have yearly gettogethers again!