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Friday, April 27, 2012

toilet bowl or magic portal

If you are my facebook friend you've already read this story. 

2 weeks ago, we noticed we were missing a few things from our house. Not the kind of things a thief would steal but random stuff like my razor, Ashwin's razor cartridges, Nanma's brand new red blouse, beard trimming scissors, nailcutters, Nanma's underwear, a new cookbook . . . well, the list goes on. We searched high and low but couldn't find these.  I just put the blame on my scatterbrained-ness and though if not my fault, it could be  some kleptomanical neighbour ! 

Anyway, a few days  ago , I found the cookbook. It was wrapped a plastic bag and kept along with the towels in the cupboard ! I was sure I hadn't done that, and so my maid took the blame saying  she might have done it without realizing what she was doing. I wondered what happened to all the other things that were missing.

And then last week, the toilet in our bathroom got clogged. We called 3 different people to come and fix it but none of them could figure out what the problem was. Then last night we called a mason. Yes! A mason who said he would have to break open the cemented base of the toilet, lift it out and then check to see what was causing the blockage. 

He did.

And guess where all our missing items were ?

You're right!!

And as he pulled out each item one by one, we struggled to control ourselves. Emotions ranging from anger and  frustration sheer uncontrollable laughter played across our faces.


The mortified expression on the culprit's face! Nanma had that "Oh no! I am sooooooo going to the corner for this!'  expression.  She was standing there,  arms crossed over her chest, with pursed lips and eyes wide open! 

Trying ever so hard to stifle our laughter we asked her why she did it.  We could almost hear the whirring noise in her brain as she tried to comprehend why her parents were laughing over her grave offence. 

So, any guesses as to why she did it?

Well, she just loves the magic of the flush. 

 Imagine that! The flush knob is like a magic wand that makes objects swirl into obscurity to the accompanying sound of a thundering waterfall! 

image source

Oh yeah, we've given her a stern warning. She's aware of the consequences of flushing objects down the toilet.  

But . . .

We've just fallen in love with her all over again! 

And, maybe we should invest in this 


  1. Throwing things into toilets is a child behavior you will see recorded. These days kids are so glued to TV and video games wearing diapers for as long as they can, that many Nanma's age hasn't even noticed that a toilet flush!!!! Its refreshing to read about a normal child!!!