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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Growing a Reader

I found this on Pinterest and I knew I had to share it.

One of my prayers for Nanma is that she will grow up enjoying reading.  She is blessed to have aunts & grandparents who shower her with books all the time. There is always a favorite book by our bed stand.


  1. Being a reader is a very important thing i'd want my child to be too! and it's nice Nanma gets her fair share of books :) can so imagine her reading those children's book with lots of pictures

  2. I became a addicted reader without any of these sops. Any reasons you can discern?

  3. I would add 2 more:
    Treat books with respect, as if they had life.
    Talk about it when it has touched you.
    In my class I have a day when everyone brings a book and reads silently.. The best time of the week!!! Teachers and students.. those wh cant read as yet, sits with picture books..

  4. @ Nutty : Yes, she is blessed! She loves looking at pictures and making up her own stories.

    @CuppaJava: Well, you had a natural leaning towards reading! I bet you'd want your kids to read a lot too!

    @Mannaunty: True! Someone spent a lot of time writing deveral drafts, revising, editing and publishing the book! It deserves respect.