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Friday, May 18, 2012

Nanmaisms part 2

Nanma is 3 years old now. It seems like her oral skills have soared over the past few weeks. She is like a sponge  in that she absorbs new and interesting words she hears around her and isn't shy about using them!

My cousin Soumya had come down to visit us a couple of weeks ago. Soon after her arrival, Nanma  told her to go and have a "regular bath"!

Nanma's  alltime heartthrob - her uncle (Ashwin's brother) is engaged to be married this year. While she has finally resigned herself to the fact that she cannot marry her uncle, she does talk about his upcoming "cagement" party!

Sometimes it seems to us that Nanma lives in 2 parallel worlds. The real one and the "maginey" one. You don't know the "maginey" world?? That's where her two imaginary friends 'Hingala' and 'Hilka' live. Hingala and Hilka are boys, but sometimes they are girls. They always come together and are always up to mischief. Nanma ends up having to send them to the corner almost every day. Hingala and Hilka are also very shy and won't come out to meet Nanma's parents. If we close our eyes, they will come and stand in front of us, but will hide under the table or bed as soon as we open them!

Nanma keeps asking her father how old he is. When he tells her, she is always surprised. She thinks he is  "fife inda haaf" 

 Like I said earlier, she is a sponge for new vocab, her most recent "thing" has been to replace the word 'no' with phrases like "never mind" , "never matter", and "notatoll" (not at all). All of these are said with a shoulder shrug! It leads to some to some pretty hilarious conversations.
ME: "Nanma, drink up your milk!"
SHE: "Never matter, Amma!!"

A couple of weeks ago, we went swimming. Nanma, for some reason was terrified of the water in spite of wearing flotation devices and kept clinging on to me. I kept telling her "I promise I wont let you go. Just splash in the water!"  She took an instant liking to the phrase "I promise you" and has been using it in place of "I tell you" . 

While watering the garden with her grandmother, she noticed the taller, unmowed grass in the backyard and spoke to her grandmother with all seriousness - "Ammachy, I have one important question. Are there dinosaurs in that grass?" 

 The one thing I have been reminded over and over again these past few weeks is that my baby is growing up so fast. She is learning and experimenting with words and the world around her. She has a strong personality and our prayer is that as she grows up she will stay firmly rooted in the Lord.


  1. I am praying with you. Rooted in Faith all that she needs to be. When I see kids , my heart feels for them.. the careless words thrown around them, the careless attitudes to life in general and above all the messed up priorities .. I call them WMD. Weapons of mass destruction.
    Rooted in Christ is the way to go!

  2. Adorable Nanma ! Can't wait to see and hear her !

  3. That is so adorable! Loved reading about Nanma :)

  4. That is so adorable! Loved reading about Nanma :)