So far, by God's grace

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Few Random Notes

As I wait for my ride to church, I thought I'd jot down a few things.

My Summer holidays have begun! Yayyy! The last week of school was hectic but I survived!!

Nanma began school - real school ! I mean its preschool, but still it isn't playschool. We have put her in a Montessori school about 10 mins drive from home. So far, she loves the school but has wanted me near. Tommorrow will be her first day at school without me sitting beside her. Let's wait and watch!

I met a whole bunch of friends I havent met in a looooooong time yesterday. It was nice. Better still was meeting an old college professor! He was my favourite.

I'm going to be teaching a sunday school class at church today. Teaching a bout trust. I've got some lessons to learn on trust myself!

I baked some chocolate chip cookies yesterday. Was therapeutic!

Ashwin is currently between jobs. He as a week's break before he joins a new company. His new job is going to keep him away from home for longer. Dont know how that's going to be. One consolation is that I'm still glad I'm not married to a doctor. No night duties and emergency calls at least!

My Amma is here with us for a week. Together we're going to try out a new diet. Let's wait and watch!! (or is it weight watch? LOL)

As I type this, Nanma is out in the living room, dolled up in a sari and pretending to be a " Doctor and a Mudder "

mental ramblings end here