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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hibernation OVER!!

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yeah... I turned into a bear and went into hibernation. I don't even know for how long! But I'm back!! In the meantime, a LOT has happened.

I have had some time to think about what I want to blog about. I even thought of giving up blogging simply because I found it difficult to write from the heart. It was hard to maintain a happy-go-lucky blog when I wanted to write from the heart about struggles I'm going through. Whenever I sat down to type out a blog post, the "deep stuff"  would keep wanting to peek out and present itself on my blog. And then there was the question about my audience. As much as I love like you all, I don't really want to open my heart out to complete strangers or even friends I hardly ever meet now-a days.  I most certainly did not want to live in a glass house. So I gave serious consideration to making my blog private.  But I know I have been blessed by women like me who have opened their blogs and their lives to me. I have learned and been blessed by how they have overcome struggles.

So I will CONTINUE TO WRITE THIS BLOG!!! ...............Aaaaaaand, I will keep it public. I will still struggle with the deciding on what to or not to share. But the blog will go on!  I have so many things to be thankful for.  So let me begin listing my blessings

  • I have a God who loves me. No matter what!
  • I have a wonderful husband who supports my writing even though he is such a private person himself! 
  • I have a loving, smart, imaginative,creative daughter who is a pleasure to be around and who will give me enough to write about for ages to come
  • I am working my dream job - teaching little ones! 
  • My family loves and supports me. I am talking extended family here - parents, in-laws, cousins, uncles, aunts etc. 
  • I have friends for life. period. 
Ok... Looks like I have everything I need! Now, what am I grumbling about??  OK... just to give you a peek into the "deeper stuff" I was talking about... Here are some of the struggles I'm facing
  • Baby No 2 is nowhere in sight. We have been hoping, praying and doing whatever is humanly possible to have a second child. But each month has been bringing disappointment in this area. It is HARD. Especially when  your daughter comes to you and says "Ok Amma, don't buy me a barbie doll. Just give me a real baby who can talk. Pleeeeeease!". It doesn't help that I myself  grew up as an only child, pining for a sibling ! 
  • Work - as dream-job-ish as it is, has not been getting any easier! There are plenty of modern day challenges at work! 
  • Health - husband's, mine, parent's .... I hate the "what if"s that creep in every now and then
  • Future - What's in store for our family? Are we to live like this? Is there more to life than this?
I'll stop there. 

Look out for a new post! 



  1. I am so glad you are writing again. :)

  2. Thank you for continuing the blog! Don't worry too much about baby no2. I've been there for 3-4 years... struggled... And finally when it happened, I'm having mixed feelings and scary thoughts thinking about the painful days ahead considering the first 3 months this time was really bad.... But don't stress out urself abt it... And most importantly (if u already haven't done so) go to a good gynac and pour out your woe... its probably nothing and just a timing thing or some minor hormone thing... but going to a good doc will help hasten the process...

  3. Glad you're writing again ! I struggle with deciding what I must or mustn't share on social networks. There is something though, about your blog which makes it so natural, so normal that in a world of pretenses, it's Iike a breath of fresh air !

  4. I am glad you are writing. The so called private things maybe private but are common place. I am glad you are writing . More later

  5. Keep writing Sis... Your Blog is truly one of a kind!
    Reg the :( times,don't worry.. everything will be OK soon :)
    Jesus loves You and is with you..Always!