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Thursday, November 29, 2012

I am satisfied... Is He?

I've written before my Ammachy & what a HUGE influence she has been in my life. Here is another blog post about her! The Anniversary of her passing is coming up soon & I know I am truly blessed for all the time I had to spend with her.

My Ammachy is in heaven right now, but this video was taken when her cancer was already quite advanced. Ammachy was a rare beauty in her youth (Some of my father's collegemates even mistook her to be his sister when she visited his college) but age and cancer took away her outer beauty & her golden voice (she used to have an excellent range)

This song was Appacha &  Ammachy's song. My Appacha was a horrible singer  but he had heard this song somewhere, loved it and had taught it to Ammachy. Ammachy would often joke about what people who knew the original song would say if they heard the Tharien version.

Here are the words of the song composed by someone named BB.McKinney. Below the lyrics is a video of my Ammachy singing the song & below that, the original version.
I am satisfied with Jesus, 
He has done so much for me: 
He has suffered to redeem me, 
He has died to set me free. 

I am satisfied, I am satisfied,

I am satisfied with Jesus, 
But the question comes to me, 
As I think of Calvary, 
Is my Master satisfied with me? 

He is with me in my trials, 

Best of friends of all is He; 
I can always count on Jesus, 
Can He always count on me? 

I can hear the voice of Jesus, 

Calling out so pleadingly, 
“Go and win the lost and straying;” 
Is He satisfied with me? 

When my work on earth is ended, 

And I cross the mystic sea, 
Oh, that I could hear Him saying, 
“I am satisfied with thee.” 

**I copied the lyrics from a website and pasted it here... I tried getting rid of the white background, but my techie skills are limited. :(

I like my Ammachy's version for obvious reasons!! When she finally did meet Jesus face to face, i can only imagine the welcome she received. God would have been MORE THAN SATISFIED with her!!


  1. Hi Deepa, what a beautiful post and it is wonderful to see a video of your Ammachy. My Ammachy passed away exactly a month ago, and I know that the two ammachies knew each other. They must be singing together, along with appachans in heaven! Thanks for this post.

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