So far, by God's grace

Friday, December 7, 2012

Heart Melts

There are these moments in a mother's life that can only be described as 'heart melts'.

When Nanma was flower girl at her Uppappa's wedding

A couple of days ago , I came home from work with a splitting headache .   Nanma was still napping so I took a pill, went straight to the bedroom and crashed !  Soon I felt a soft hand rubbing my forehead . "Amma , are you feeling better ? Paati told me your head is hurting " .  She then prayed for my headache to go away and lay down close, hugging me.

Let me tell you, this itself is a miracle!! Normally , I'm bombarded with  " Amma what did you bring for me?"     "Amma , Amma , Amma . . .  please gimme . . . . ." 

 After lying down close to me for a bit , she got up quietly and said "Amma , I'm going to play ,  if you need any water or something , just call out  NANMAAAA ! .  If any animal comes to hurt you ,  I'll frighten them . Ok Amma ?  Don't worry !  OK  Amma ? " 

Sigh ! !

A little while later I went to the bathroom. Sound travels quite freely around our house. I heard the doorbell ring. It was kids from our building who had come asking Nanma to play outside with them.  I thought to myself  " Hah! She's going out to play . Now I don't have to worry about entertaining her! "  But what Nanma said to them stopped me . right there !  

" No , I can't come . My Amma is not well . I have to be here to help her if she calls me . Why don't you play in my house ? " 

Ulp!  Lump in my throat!

I heard the kids say " bye " and bang the door shut as they left . Clearly playing outdoors held more interest . But my little angel hadn't gone with them .

Tears flowed freely from my melted heart !

So grateful for my little girl .  So loved . What ever did I do to deserve such love ! !