So far, by God's grace

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Flying Kisses

A conversation between Nanma and me yesterday.

"Amma, yesterday when you were at school did you feel a LOT of kisses coming at you?" 
     "Huh? No! " 
"Today at school, after snack, I thought about you and I sent many, many, many, many kisses to you" She shows how she kissed her hand and blew the kisses into the air.  Then squeezing and twisting her lips with her hands, she says " And then I squeezed all the kisses from my lips, rolled them into a ball and threw them in the air" 
    "Aww! Thank you baby!" 
"My kisses can fly. They have wings.  I don't have to tell them where to go. They know! They don't have eyes so they cant see, but they go straight to you! " She closes her eyes, purses her lips and flaps her arms around pretending to be a flying kiss! 

Sigh! I love her imagination. That is one thing I prayed for before she was born!! Thank you Lord for answering my prayer! Life is so much more interesting when your child has a wild imagination.


  1. So true and what a sweetheart your daughter is. Lovely post.

  2. Hello there!
    I don't know how I reached your blog, but I can say I am glad I did. :) I love reading your posts. You almost always bring a smile on my face. Thank you for that!
    Bookmarking you. Will be back soon to read more.