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Monday, January 13, 2014

Not Only on Father's Day

For the past few months, I have blessed and amazed at watching a beautiful father-daughter bond grow in our little family. I've said before that my Appa was and always will be my hero. Its been beautiful see that replicated with my little girl too!  

All dressed and waiting for the school bus with her Appa.
 Every morning, Ashwin is the one who gets her ready for school. I start her off on her breakfast and lay her clothes out  but he does the rest since I have to leave early for my work. He helps her finish breakfast, brush teeth, gets her dressed, checks her school bag, gives her a "hairstyle" and watches 10 minutes of Thomas the Train with her on TV before putting her on the school bus. 

They do some pretty goofy things together one of which is ganging up to tickle me! Somehow everything that comes out of her father's mouth holds more weight. I wonder if its because I'm the one yakking away most of the time.  I guess it's also because he can keep as straight face as he listens to her wildly imaginative theories while I'm rolling on the floor laughing. 
Inspired by friends  who are doing something similar (and by what my father used to do for me ... more on that later), Ashwin and Nanma have now started spending some quality time together away from home, every week . Our hope is that these times will continue on till she's married and maybe even after! When she grows up, I wan't her to find a man who will cherish her as much as her father does. 

Did I tell you how thankful I am for these two??


  1. Deepa, It always does me good to read what you write the beautiful pics too.. Real handsome dad and his darling daughter ! So very glad for you ! V Miss Nanma a lot !

  2. Your Nanma has grown SOO much!:) She is growing into a lovely young lady:)