So far, by God's grace

Friday, November 21, 2008

Aaah!!! Fame!!!

I was just looking at my blog and I see that I have readers from every continent except Antartica!!!! WoW!! And now that you know that, I guess the title 'Aaaah! Fame!' is self-explanatory.

I want to get to know all my readers.... I love it when you leave comments after reading a post... It doesn't always have to be something nice... just a "hi" will do!!

You want to know how I know how many readers I have and where they are located?? Look at the right side bar on the screen. Scroll down till you see 'People Reading Meeee' and 'People over the world'. That's it!! You're there!! Now if you want one of these for your own blog, just click on the picture and then follow the instructions!

See!!! Now I'm blog mentoring as well!!


  1. and I'm one of those little red dots

  2. Congrats on embracing the world and vice versa!!!

  3. Dangerous:
    I have visited you sweetie pie! Go check!!

    Yes, you are!!! And boy, am I thrilled!

    Thank you!! You were one of my first few dots!!! Always grateful!