So far, by God's grace

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

NOT ME! Monday

Here'a someting refreshingly new for my blog!! Inspired by MCK Mamma's overflowing creative juices, I have decided to give it a try! PLease do go and see the original! MCK Mamma sure knows how to start her week right!

Over the past week, I did not check out my little baby bump every time I passed a mirror or shiney object and I certainly did not get caught doing it a million times by my amused husband! Do you think I would accidently miss a phonecall from my sweet mother in-law and then never call her back? NO!! I would not!!! I did not not notice that my husband had finally got the haircut I was nagging him to get and I did not make up the lame excuse of being dead tired for not not noticing it! I did not hog on cheesy, buttery mashed potatoes so much on Sunday knowing full well that my digestion is screwed thanks to pregnancy and so I did not have a bloated tummy at night and I did not have a sleepless night. I am not facinated with my husband's new phone and I certainly do not want a new one myself! Oh... and speaking of Sunday, I am soooooo not the one responsible for husband and me arriving late at Church, And even if I was the one responsible, didn't I redeem myself by walking in wearing the cutest pink maternity top?

I also did not wake up late this morning and so I did not miss my daily morning shower! And because I did not wake up late, I did not seriously contemplate taking the day off work just because I have a hint of a sore throat! And I do not feel dirty, sticky and irritated now and because of which I did not send 2 silly second graders on time out without enough warning.

Oh.... and this post has not helped me feel better, and I am not laughing at myself now!


  1. Nice post with all the did not's...

  2. That's enough 'not'-s to tie anybody up in knots, for sure. Could you give us a pix of the cute pink top, with you inside it, of course?

  3. Thank you Sukku, Lis, Nandu & Sucharita!

    And I will think about posting a pic of me in the pink top!

  4. so sweet..:) enjoy and cherish every moment.