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Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Contest & a Prize to Win!!!

I've told you  about this amazing woman before. She's a mother to 4 adorable kids, all under the age of 3!!!  She manages her family of 6, a beautiful lake facing home, her carreer as a photographer and her witty, newsy blog like it were a walk in the park! Her's is the blog I frequent the most and she's been such an inspiration! And.... she's hosting a contest!!!

Here it is!! Its the Small Fryday contest and there are lovely prizes to be won!!! Woooo Hooo!!!

Now, I think I'm her only reader from India who responds to her posts, and since she's based in the USA, I have no idea if she'll even consider me, but.... why not give it a try!!! She's giving away blog headers!!! And I sooooooooooooo want a change!!!

So, while you go visit her blog, and consider entering the contest yourself, do think of me too!!!

And Mck Mamma, if you do get round to reading my blog, please leave a comment! I'd be honored!!!


  1. She sounds amazing. Will definitely check out the blog. Thanks.

  2. i comment toooooooooo :)
    like Kavi wud say..she is soooooooofer !!!