So far, by God's grace

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Husband's Blog Lives!!!!!

Wooooo Hoooo!!!
(as you might have noticed by now, this is my standard/favorite exclamation of excitement)

Last night, Paunch - my husband, was busy at the computer... so busy that he even forgot to tell me he loves me the usual way he does (which is by asking "What's for dinner?) And.... then a little later, he shows me.... ah! .....his latest blog post.... that made the rest of my day simple purrrfect and gave me a silly, mushy grin on my face for rest of the evening!

Here it is.... a link to The husband's blog...
Now to answer a few possible questions that might arise...

- Yes, he has a paunch, and it is cuter and bigger than my baby bump! (we joke that he's carrying the baby for now and that I'll take over soon!)

- No, he's not available!!! And God stopped production of his kind after he realised he'd created the perfect husband - my Paunch! But if you still want one like him, you could ask! (After all, the same God said "Ask and it shall be given"

- Yes, that is an ultrasound picture of our baby!!! Isn't s/he a miracle??

-Yes, I know I sound very conceited! But am just tooo happy right now!


  1. I'm happy for you! And I just checked out your husband's blog - how nice! I'd ask Greg to start blogging, but with him ~ heaven only knows what he'd come up with. Lol.

  2. hold his collar...threaten him into blogging often :P