So far, by God's grace

Friday, November 7, 2008

baby soft

Just take a look at this blog that I follow (If you haven't already!)

I just made my umpteenth visit to this blog today just to admire the beauty of God's handiwork!!! Babies have such beautifully soft and supple skin! Perfect skin!

And here, I digress... never to return.... Why didn't God allow us to all have beautiful baby skin all our lives??? Why do we have to go through the pimply ravages of adolescence? Why stretch marks? Why wrinkles? Why dry skin in the winter and oily skin in the summer? Why patchy skin when you're pregnant??

I've never had a problem with my skin color. Lots of Indian girls I know have wanted to be fairer. All I ever wanted was to have clear skin for a week at least!!! Why not? Why is there not one skin care product that works????

A bunch of nonsense questions. Yeah.. that's what these are!! Yes, people, please remind me.... Its the inside that counts!!!


  1. Of course it's the inside that counts. You are a beautiful woman. Your spirit shines through, no matter the skin's reflection.

    But I understand the frustration. I have roscia, where my skin is always red. But I look on the positive side, I never have to buy blush products!

  2. I am addicted to MckMama's blog too! Thanks for the comment. Nice blog!

  3. Right now, I'm slightly embarrassed by this blog post, which was written in a fit of rustration at having discovered yet another ugly pimple.

    Thank U Aleta for your kind comment! And Anna for stopping by.

  4. Both outbreaks-of-pimples and bouts-of-frustration are part of the pregnancy do not be embarrassed, just blame haywire hormones for everything now.

    And if you come across more such blogs, or solve-all beauty products, do let us know...