So far, by God's grace

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Here are some of the rumours I came across while on playground duty yesterday.....

Girl : Hey, have you heard of "Yo Mama"?

Boy: No, what's that?

Girl: It's a man's name silly! And Ms.B said he's the new pres...prez...prezzidempt of America.

Boy: Ha ha... His name's not "Yo Mama" its "Oh- Mama"

Oh! and did you know lipstick was made of dead bug blood???? You didn't???? Yew!! Gross!!! Imagine what I'd have been wearing to work today if not for the 2 little discoverers who enlightened me on this disgusting fact??

Oh... and one more thing. You should never leave eraser dust in your notebooks. At night, they turn into squiggly worms and crawl all over your books....ugh!!

Well, yesterday was just another day at school. Nothing out of the ordinary happened!


  1. How funny these kids can get and I am sure all this ranting keeps your day moving...

  2. hahah ... i was wondering how lipsticks were made !! now i know !!

  3. These are funny! I heard one kid telling another kid one day that he was six. The other kid said, "So what? I'm six. Everybody's six. Even God is six."

  4. Sukku: Try being a teacher... you'll love it!

    Aleta: They are darlings aren't they?

    Amri: Now you know! And you when you get to know more of these amazing facts, do share!

    Anna: Thanks for stopping by! And that one's hilarious!!!!

  5. i laughed my head off (as I told u last night!) and ahem... this is where i "come out" :D so please to see n feel free to say nonsense things !! :D

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