So far, by God's grace

Thursday, November 27, 2008

When will this end???

Chennai's been hit by a cyclone.... all schools and colleges are closed. I woke up to the  calming sound of rain, the warmth of my husband sleeping beside me and a gentle kick from my baby..... I thought to myself...."This is how it should be...everyday". I was looking forward to a lazy day at home, spent completing a few odd chores and then curled up with a book on my bed. 

Over breakfast, we turned the TV on to watch the news.... and this is what we saw. Poof! My calm, peaceful day flew right out the window!

One terror strike after another.... once again I ask God.... "When will this end?"

This is not how I want it to be!


  1. I saw and read about it here in Malaysia and I just can't imagine what is happening to humanity and religion as a whole. Is it right to take innocent lives as the terrorist believe they would be rewarded for their deeds. I guess it is a twisted perverted way to think and perform these acts.

  2. Yeah, i can totally understand. We too had a rude shock yday morning as we tuned into CNN. Its so sad. Worst part is we cant do anything abt all this. :(

  3. A cyclone brings devastation and sorrow, but nature's fury is a worthy adversary, because Mother Nature plays fair and gives us bountiful gifts aplenty.

    It is when man turns against man that we feel helpless and uncomprehending, shaken to the core by the evil and waste behind it all.

  4. hi deepa,
    i am really enjoying reading ur blog....keep up the good work :-)....

  5. The developed nations exploit us by selling their weapon technolgy to the neighbouring countries. The most vunerable combinations are one country is trying to stand up on its own leg and the other is trying to injure its own and the neighbour's leg. the more the selling of weapon more is the cut-money. So misguide the youth, make them Extremist and live a life like king that too in the abroad.This is the main motive. This is the case with us and the Pakistan. The political parties at both end shall now come up and put an end to it, otherwise like the U.S, one day they will burn themselve in the fire which is now used for enjoyment.