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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Chosen One!

The voters voted and the counter procastinated. But finally, here's the announcement! Kadugu Kuttan wins!!!!! Doesn't she look like a little Kadugu in this pic too? And yes, I do have a weakness towards swaddling my lil kadugu and taking endless pictures of her! Here she is, on our bed, swaddled in her freshly washed cloth nappies( no, I don't swaddle her in this all the time, just for this picture). I could just eat her up!! I call this picture "Mummy's little Mummy"

And... here's the latest update on the Paunch & I. Using the overwhelming heat in our beloved city Chennai & our daughters 3rd month birthday as excuses, and ..... succumbing to peer pressure, we got ourselves a makeover!! I cut my hair short (the last time I had it this short was when I was 18!) and Paunch decided to become a near baldie. (Incidentally, this was how his hair looked when I first laid eyes on him, back in the Summer of 2003)

If my dearest Appa and Amma are reading this post, SURPRISE!!!!! We thought we'd wait
and let you see this for yourselves when we see you on the 30th, but then... who asked you to sneak a peek into my blog and spol the surprise for yourselves???
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  1. Kutti means 'small' in Bengali, and your small bundle is JUST TOTALLY ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!

    And the haircuts are neat and fuss-free!

  2. @Sucharita: Kutti means small in Tamil & Malayalam as well!! And thank u!!

    @Mac : me??

  3. Your daughter is beautiful! Take pictures often and share them on your blog. She is a little doll! And you and your husband look great!

  4. yay.. love the haircut! and ashwin achacha luks really nice with the "near baldie biker" look :)

  5. your lil angel is so beautiful...will look fwd to seeing her keep clicking away!..good to see another blogger from chennai...

  6. Just dropping a little note to see how you're doing!