So far, by God's grace

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm back for now!

So... Did you give up on me? Did you think "She's got her baby now.... she's never going to blog again." or did you think "She just might be back....lemme check and see!" ????

Well.... I'm back.... for now at least! I'm not offering up any excuses.... True, I've been busy with lil KK, adjusting to life as a working mother and the big move we've made to Paunch's family home, but that really shouldn't have stopped me from blogging so long!!!

What did then?? I'm not sure myself. Will let you know when I know.

Anyway, I've been thinking up a lot of ideas to blog about.... you'll see them here soon. But till then, I leave you with a picture of kadugu kuttan.

(She's grown!!)


  1. have reader-ed you :) so i can read as soon as you post something :)

    welcome back!

  2. aww..she is beautiful! happy...glad to see your lil's picture!..

  3. Yay! she looks as fun as you! I guess that is most impt in a human being and she has the right genes :)

  4. @ Nothings :Thank you!! I've put my next post up!

    @Srivalli : Thank you... I'll be putting up more pictures soon!

    @Nandu: Glad you think so highly of Ashwin's and my genes!!!