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Friday, November 12, 2010

And another one!

I had just written and posted my last post and then I went on to do my recess supervision duty on the playground when this happened.

A cute (and by cute, I mean so cute you could have him for dessert) lil first grader comes to me asking for a hall pass to see the nurse. Here's our conversation.

Me: "Why do you need to see the nurse?"
boy:"because my head hurts."
Me:"How long has it been hurting?"
boy:"I dont know. I can't read time. But it happened at recess"
Me:" So it happened in the last 5 minutes. What happened? Did you hit your head somewhere?"
boy: "I don't know."
Me: "You don't know if you hit your head in the last 5 minutes?" (I'm beginning to worry by now...amnesia???)
boy: "yeah.. I don't know. Because my friend and I were playing close your eyes and run. So I dont know what I hit. I just know I was running and then there was a bump and I fell down. Now my head is hurting."
Me (trying in vain to control my laughter) Ok. here's your hall pass. Don't play that game again. It could be dangerous!

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