So far, by God's grace

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

For my Appa on his 59th Birthday

Dearest Appakuttan,

From the walks at Railway stations

And the talks on the terrace,

To the Sunday scooter rides

Through life’s many tides

You have seen me grow .

A few memories stand out:

Pretending to be asleep so you would carry me.

Chewing bubblegum onto your shirt.

Opening your suitcases in excitement.

Listening to your bedtime stories – Curly V and Emmaus.

Whispering Hope, Abba Father & Once to Every Man

The time you wore a suit just for me.

That first surprise ride to the Parapallar stream.

Seeing you at my graduation.

Talking about your first conversation with Ashwin

The hug at the end of my wedding aisle.

Appacha? Huh? What? How can it be?”

Watching you play the same old games and sing the same old songs with Nanma!

Appa, I can’t thank God enough for you. I Love you so so so much!

Happy Birthday Appa, And as you enter the 6th decade of your life, I hope many, many more hearts will be healed and lives will be touched by you.... you are my first ever Superhero!




  1. Beautiful. Reminded me of some special moments and special people who made my life happier, easier. Happy birthday to your father, and wishing him many more years of laughter and love with his family.

  2. Your dad is a special person. It is a privilege to know him and remember all God has enabled him to do in ODC and in the lives of many people. And this is special and moving celebration of his new year in life. Thanks

  3. @Coffee cup: Thank you! My father did read this post so he should have read your comment.

    @ Amy &Arpit : Thanks! Your Dad is a person I really admire too!

  4. this blog brought tears to my eyes!